Te Toa | Shop

Te Toa is Hastings City Art Gallery’s unique art gallery shop that showcases and supports local and national artists. Making connections between artist and community – see their work and learn about their process. Te Toa sells one-off studio pieces, ceramics, jewellery, taonga, and more.

Our range includes ceramics from local artists Annette Bull, Bernie Winkels, Louis Kittleson, Sophie Lankovsky and Katie Jenssen. Taonga by Ema Scott, Matiu Bartlett and Aaron Greaves. Jewellery by Simone Tang, Oliver Gedye, Ingrid Schloemer and Natalie Salisbury. Other works include screen-printed tees by Rakai Karaitiana, hand crafted native timber boxes by Peter McLean, glass works by Keith Grinter, steel works by Ricks Terstappen, eco-print silk scarves by Birgit Moffat and candelabras by Leanne Culy.

Come visit and see what’s new, find that special gift, or simply treat yourself.