Yukari Kaihori: This Land is All We Know

Yukari Kaihori, The Land is All We Know, 2019

• Curriculum strands: Visual Arts, Environment, Social Studies
• Duration: 90 minutes
• Suitable: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary.
• Cost: Free
• Dates: Until 11 August 2019

With Yukari’s work we have an immersive open engagement with the environment of abstract painting where ‘dots in oil paint dissolve into each other… that mimic the fragile and organic environment we inhabit’. Yukari’s work presents us with an ecology of paint and encounter. Painting as object (installation) is an exploration of space and time by a liquid and its encounter with paper. Yukari has exhibited around the world (USA, Japan and Germany) and is currently living and working in New Zealand. Yukari’s work offers us a unique perspective on how Aotearoa/New Zealand is viewed through paint and spirit. How the spirit of nature ‘Flows’ and emerges in Yukari’s painting as installation comes to the fore in this delight of paint and paper and space. Delicate and sensuous, this painting extends and invites the viewer to see and feel ‘the identity of this place’.


Students will visit and experience the art work in the gallery. We will discuss the historical context of painting and what a painting can be. What is an installation? What does it mean to read an art work that was made with ‘time’, and how to read references to environment and nature in abstract painting.

Hands-on workshop for Years 4 to 10

The students will make their own paintings exploring similar techniques. They will explore how small ink dots, spills, stains and drips are applied to wet paper, how they blend and activate a visual surface. How these colours flow and merge creating their own shape and ecology, ‘each dot is unique; so is how it lands on the paper evoking the relationship each individual has with society and surrounding environment’.