Shroom Special Programme (limited time only).

Hastings City centre will light up in the lead up to Christmas this year, with two temporary, spectacular, large-scale interactive light art installations In Civic Square and Albert Park. Switching on in Civic Square from November 28 to December 13 is Shrooms by Amigo & Amigo – an interactive lighting and design studio that explores the combination of light and sculpture in public spaces. Hastings City Art Gallery will offer a special programme for schools to in conjunction with this wonderful installation.

  • School groups are invited to take advantage of Shroom special programme. Students will discuss what light installations are, why we see them in a city and what measures should be considered in designing and displaying them. Then in a hands-on workshop, they will create an installation together to take and display at their school.

The Shrooms are large inflatable mushrooms – five of them of various size, shape and colour. They tick all the boxes for interactive installations: very bright, very big, up to six metres tall and very mesmerising. In many cultures Mushrooms are considered as a symbol of luck, to find a mushroom means that good luck is at hand.  Sydney based, Amigo & Amigo have created this immersive artwork that encourages our social nature whilst contrasting with the grey urban environment. Simone Chua, designer in chief at Amigo & Amigo says “We love hijacking public spaces, embedding them with colour, nature and play”. Amigo & Amigo decided to use bold contrasting colours, to create a work that not only engaged and illuminated at night but also being a colourful spectacle during the day.

  • Suitable for primary and intermediate students.
  • From Thursday 28th November to Thursday 12 December.
  • Prior booking is essential. Please contact