Photography Education Programme: See What I Can See

Book your class in for an education programme based on the exhibitions, Into The Light and See What I Can See, a comprehensive survey exhibition inspired by the book, See what I can see: New Zealand Photography for the young and curious, written by Gregory O’Brien.

The programme will start with a tour of the exhibition and discussion about the photographs and photographic techniques. Students will then participate in a hands-on workshop.

Student reflections on the programme:

“The exhibition was full of amazing pieces of work by many famous New Zealand artists such as Anne Nobel, Glenn Busch, Ans Westra and many others. It was inspirational and very relevant to the work we are doing in class. We were all asked to choose our favourite two pieces and discuss them. I found that when we discussed these ideas, our knowledge from the classroom came flowing out. We also took part in a workshop where we were able to play around with different layering of photos to create our own image. Overall, I found this experience gave us many different perspectives on photography and helped to develop ideas and talking points.”
Jessica Guy

“To observe and learn how people use photography from a little place like Hawke’s Bay was eye opening. Being able to discuss each technique gave me great insight and helped me make links to benefit my own work. Creating my own art in a short workshop was a great learning opportunity that will be helpful in future work, both in design and photography.”
Ava Bake

Discussion: Students will discuss the techniques and visual strategies used by the artists, including use of light, time of day, vantage point, focus, cropping, framing, composition, use of colour palette to create mood and to influence the viewer’s perception of a subject.

Workshop: Inspired by artist Nova Paul’s film; This is not Dying, students will use CMYK colour-separated transparencies of photographs from the exhibition and explore the techniques and visual storytelling through layering these. They will create a range of constructed photographic images that address Paul’s concept and also convey new narratives.

NCEA: 1.2-2.2-3.2- 1.1-2.1-3.1

Duration: 90 minutes, with flexibility to meet your timeframe.

Suitable: For Year 1-13

Available: 29 May – 11 August 2017

Cost: Free

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Featured images: Nova Paul, This is not Dying, 2010. 16mm film transferred to HD video, 20 minutes. Courtesy of the artist.