Bob Jahnke: Lamentation – Workshop with guest poet

Studio shot by artist

• Curriculum strands: Visual Arts, Environment, English, Māori
• Suitable: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary
• Duration: 90 minutes (negotiable)
• Cost : Free
• Dates: 20 July – 3 November 2019

With Bob Jahnke’s work Lamentation, poetry and the poetic informs and underpins this collaborative exhibition. Hone Tuwhare’s Poem, Rain is positioned as a backdrop and interconnection to Roimata Toroa a Ngāti Porou history of two sacred albatross that accompanied Pourangahua in bringing kumara to Aotearoa. Weaved together and in the hands and minds of a unique collaboration between Artist- Tīpuna-Poet.


Students will explore the installation and think about how art can take its inspiration from poetry and history. We will listen and read both Hone Tuwhare’s poem Rain and Roimata Toroa. Looking at historical examples of collaboration between poetry and art the students come in contact with the rich tradition of collaboration across the arts. Collaboration is a vital aspect of creativity, in
discussion we can acknowledge its benefits in creating more robust art.

Hands-on workshop

Using multimedia (painting, drawing and collage) students explore one or two poetic ideas embedded in the aforementioned stories. Making art using words, developing their own poetic collaboration with each other. Here we will also have a poet to help understand the poetic resonance of words.