Softly Spoken: An exhibition of contemporary textiles

Emerita Baik, Figure 5. Sina, 2019

— Curriculum strands : Visual arts, Technology, Social Studies
— Suitable: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary
— Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
— Cost: Free
— Dates: 3 August – 10 November 2019

Some of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s most engaging contemporary art is coming from our textile artists. A medium deeply connected with touch and sensuality, the artists are heavily invested in making art with their hands and this sense of touch pervades the show. Some lie flat on the floor defining us to see them as art. Others behave like beacons of foreign cultures where these things are what’s left.

With an AV introduction to the history of soft art and textile production in contemporary art. The students will come into contact with ‘What is Art’ in this show. We will put this under examination. What is it that makes something an artwork? Is it the materials? Is it the ideas? How does context shape what we are looking at?

Students are challenged to make an artwork with the most simple of materials. We will look to use hand sewing to create new thoughts with soft materials. With an engaging set of examples on display… and A/V students can choose to get involved in a number of simple processes vital to creativity (contained in pre-visit notes).

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