Iwitoi Kahungunu Education Programme

NCEA: 1.2-2.2-3.2- 1.1-2.1-3.1
Duration: 90 minutes, however, we can change it to meet your timeframe.
Suitable: Year 1-13
Available: 20 February-14 May 2017
Cost: Free

How do artworks tell stories? During this programme, we look at carving, cloaks, paintings and woven artworks in the exhibition and find out how some artists use art-making techniques we are familiar with to tell a story visually.
Students then collaborate in a hands-on activity using a foam printing technique to develop a collective work based on their own treasured objects. Students will learn and share ideas such as:
What is Taonga (treasure)? What are their treasured objects? Why it is special to them and the story behind it. How do they look after it? What might it contribute to the story that their collective work may tell?
• Key competencies: Thinking, Using language symbols and texts, Participating and contribution, Managing self, Relating to others
• Curriculum strands: Visual Arts (Understanding the arts in context, Communicating and interpreting, Developing practical knowledge, Developing ideas). English (Listening, Reading, Viewing and Speaking, Writing and presenting).
This school program is developed with NCEA achievement standards, curriculum levels and key competencies in mind. Learning activities can be adapted to meet needs of each of year level and the relevant curriculum/NCEA objectives.

Featured Artwork: Artist Levi Waihape
Title: Tangaroa
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas