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Until midnight, 29 March 2018

Join Hastings City Art Gallery’s first crowdfunding campaign and help us bring three fun interactive artworks to Hawke’s Bay!

We’ve had an amazing opportunity pop up for you, your children, your grandchildren, your neighbours, your community. Our community. A hands-on, tactile, interactive exhibition that’s all about getting stuck in and having some fun. Everyone can participate and feel the inspiration that comes from creating together.

40 giant inflated capsules, hundreds of wooden blocks inspired by Heretaunga Street and a wall-sized instrument to play – sound like fun?!

Let’s bring Hawke’s Bay kids three amazing, interactive artworks by Seung Yul Oh, Sara Hughes and Campbell Tamahina Burns.

Did you know? 

Seeing and participating in art is not only a great equaliser and brings us closer together to our diverse community, but also has a range of benefits for our children, from building empathy, neural pathways and risk taking, to developing problem-solving ability.

A special exhibition

‘Play: Art that makes you move’ is in addition to our regular schedule. Hastings District Council has generously covered most of the costs for this, but we need just a bit more to get over the line so you can enjoy this art experience.

You told us how much you and your children loved our last play-based exhibition, which was 50,000 pieces of lego in Olafur Eliasson’s Cubic Structural Evolution Project. Can you help us create a similar opportunity for our community?

Let’s PLAY!

Please donate towards our goal of $3000 and encourage your friends and family to donate.
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