Student Public Art Tour

Bring your group for a unique walking tour and discover new ways to experience public art in Hastings CBD. Hear the stories behind our public art collection and discuss them in relation to the surrounding environment. We will explore concepts, mediums and technical skills used by the artists, for example, we’ll be looking at Neil Dawson’s Sun Trap sculpture, hanging over the fountain area and comparing it with Jacob Scott’s Kaitiaki Manu, Guardians of the Bird by the courthouse. Learn about Elements, Liz Earth’s sculptures that connect to the whenua, representing the different facets that make up our environment; and discover the city’s history through Adrian Thornton’s Hastings Icons.

We begin the tour with a discussion. Does a city need public art to make it great? Is public art important in a city like Hastings, and should governments and corporations spend big bucks on such things? Along the way, students will be asked to photograph or sketch the artworks at certain stops.

The tour is offered exclusively for school groups and is suitable for both primary, intermediate and secondary school students. We will design the walk to suit your group and study focus.

There is limited, first-in-first-served transport funding available via Hastings District Council. If you are interested in this, please enquire.

Curriculum Strands: Visual Arts and Social Sciences
NCEA: 1.2-2.2-3.2- 1.1-2.1-3.1.
Suitable: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary
Duration: One hour
Cost: Free
Dates: Throughout the year