Environmental Art: Offsite Programme

Andy Goldsworthy, Rowan Leaves Laid Around Hole, 1987

Available all year
Primary, Intermediate, Secondary

Key Themes: Environment, Natural World, Papatūānuku, Climate Change, Recycling, Sustainability
Subject Areas: Visual Arts, Social Sciences, English, Science
Key Competencies: Thinking, Using Language, Symbols and Texts, Relating to Others

Cost: Programme FREE of charge
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Offsite programme – we come to you!

Environmental Art is a style of art that is slightly different to painting and sculpture! Environmental artists are inspired by the natural world around them, creating artworks with and within nature. In this programme, students will examine the work of esteemed environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy. We will explore the ways in which Goldsworthy rearranges natural forms in his artwork, and the surprising effects this creates.

Students will then head outside to collect natural materials, which they will use to create their very own mandala, inspired by Environmental Art! There will be a focus on pattern, repetition, and symmetry, as well as recycling and sustainability.

To make an enquiry or booking, please email kelseyh@hdc.govt.nz, or phone 027 332 5496.

Pre-Visit Materials:
Environmental Art Pre-Visit Material – Mandalas and Patterns Y0-Y8
Environmental Art Pre-Visit Material – Painting vs. Environmental Art – Y0-Y2
Environmental Art Pre-Visit Material – Painting vs. Environmental Art – Y3-Y8