Environmental Art: Offered in the visiting school ‘offsite learning’

Andy Goldsworthy, 1987

— Curriculum strands: Visual Arts, Environment, Science, Social Studies
— Duration: 60 minutes (flexible)
— Suitable: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary.
— Cost: Free
— Dates: Throughout the term

Environmental art includes a range of artistic practices encompassing both historical approaches to nature in art and more recent ecological and politically motivated work. Over the past ten years environmental art has become a focal point of exhibitions around the world as the social and cultural aspects of climate change come to the forefront. Environmental art primarily celebrates an artist’s connection socially and culturally with nature. Addressing environmental concerns with art is a powerful way to communicate Aroha for Papatuanuku/Earth.

With a short audio visual introduction we will look at different examples of environmental art. A group dialogue about why the environment is important to us. Where does environmental art get made and where is it exhibited?
What other disciplines inform our understanding of the environment? What are some of the key aims of environmental art? Contact us for pre-information notes.

Hands-on workshop
We will make small examples of some of the key works we looked at. Scarce resourcing, ephemeral, carbon neutral art. Using leaves, twigs, stones etc. Anything we find in the location we are going to make art in. The making of simple engaging shapes (koru, spiral, heart shapes, abstract, etc…) within which to explore and express thoughts about the environment. The art that we make using materials from the environment will in time be sequestered back into the fold of the environment. Photography (digital) is how we record these expressions in the environment.
Photography (digital) is a resource-responsible medium and an excellent way within which to display the temporary art works the students made.

Pre-Visit Materials
Environmental Art Pre-Visit Material – Mandalas and Patterns Y0-Y8
Environmental Art Pre-Visit Material – Painting vs. Environmental Art – Y0-Y2
Environmental Art Pre-Visit Material – Painting vs. Environmental Art – Y3-Y8

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027 332 5496