Collage – Collect, Cut and Assemble: Offsite Programme

Eugenia Loli, Storm in a Cup

Available all year
Primary, Intermediate, Secondary

Key Themes: Imagination, Surrealism, History of Collage, Creativity
Subject Areas: Visual Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Key Competencies: Thinking, Using Language, Symbols and Texts, Relating to Others

Cost: Programme FREE of charge
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Offsite programme – we come to you!

Collage has a fascinating history, and sheds a different light on image-making and collecting. In this session, we will use our imaginations and explore a brief history of collage, and examine surreal and dream-like examples of collage artwork.

Students will then cut and paste images from glossy magazines to create their very own collage artwork. Imagination and creativity are a must here – what kinds of dreamlike works will your students create?

To make an enquiry or booking, please email, or phone 027 332 5496.