Collage – Collect, Cut and Assemble: Offered in the visiting school ‘offsite learning’

J Stezaker “Mask XIV”, 2006

— Curriculum strands: Visual Arts, Social Studies, Technology
— Suitable: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary
— Duration: 90 mins
— Cost: Free
— Dates: Throughout the term

Art in a time of samples and sound bites, where little bits/ information/things stand in for the whole. The fragment is its own regime of looking in an ever increasing world of the edit (cut and paste). Collage, having barely passed its own centennial, has intersected with all genres of art-making.

A brief history of collage with an introduction to its early discoveries. Students are encouraged to actively reflect on how these changes in image-making have impacted on the world around them now. We will consider the idea of collecting, how these aggregations give us a unique opportunity to view a midden of the now.

Hands-on workshop
In this workshop two different methods will be explored, including found images/photos (as one might see in books, magazines and other printed media), and coloured paper or any kind of found, flat ephemera. As a drawing method collage is perfectly positioned to help the student generate new steps in their work (here the students will need to collect and bring what interests them), we will look at what it is to re-purpose an image. How the edge influences the kind of cut that is performed. Two, maybe three, unrelated images now in one (as above).
Looking for interesting associations, the students will be reminded to think of what interests them in their school (NCEA) projects and be inspired to create innovative images for their curriculum work.

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