Bernie Winkels: Nothing For No Reason In No Order

Studio shot by artist

— Curriculum strands: Visual Art, English, Social Studies, Creativity
— Duration: 90 minutes (negotiable)
— Suitable: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary.
— Cost: Free
— Dates: 17 August – 1 December 2019

An accumulation artwork that deals with the everyday. Every day the artist goes to their simple materials in their studio. Daily they try to make the proposal of ‘make a really good artwork’ actual. But the artist fails, at least that’s what the artist initially thinks. After many days the artist sees that they have – like stones on a beach – made something that is more than the sum of its parts.
The artist has created an immersive work where all the days meet as one installation that is also a rumination on creativity.

Group Exploration
The students will look and explore the installation, observing the daily almost diaristic repetition of different ideas. An audio-visual look at the many artists Bernie is in conversation with:
P Gunston, B Hammond, T de Lautour et al. Visual imagery and text seamlessly build upon each other, offering a rich tapestry of the every day; a sense of which frustrates the artist and gives way to the interconnectedness of things. These are all ideas the students will discuss.

Here the quick response is vital, like the best diaries and dialogue with the immediate; first thoughts are sometimes the best. Learning how metaphors and rebuses work through art is fun, challenging and thought provoking. The students with ink water and thick paper will begin building quick responses. Exploring through metaphors and rebus, students will be asked to build with ‘thought+images+text’.

To make an enquiry or booking, please email, or phone
027 332 5496