Andy Leleisi’uao: KAMOAN MINE

Andy Leleisi’uao, Aloha Village on UFO Island, 2017

Primary, Intermediate and Secondary
23 November 2019 – 17 April 2020
Key Competencies: Thinking, Using Language, Symbols & Texts, Participating & Contributing, Relating to Others.
Learning Areas:
— The Arts – Visual Arts: L.1-L.8
— Social Sciences: L.1- L.8
— English: L.1-L.5 (Speaking, Writing and Presenting – Processes & Strategies, Purposes & Audiences, Ideas)
— Science: L.1-L.2 (Planet Earth and Beyond)
— Mathematics and Statistics: L.1 (Geometry and Measurement – Shape)
Programme Duration: 60-90 minutes
Cost: Free

KAMOAN MINE is a survey exhibition that celebrates the work of Samoan/New Zealand artist, Andy Leleisi’uao. Hailed as one of Aotearoa’s most significant Pasifika artists, Leleisi’uao’s works are wide-ranging, and often touch on urban issues associated with Pacific diaspora through conveying alien landscapes and fantastical utopia scenes.
In this education programme, students will examine the science fiction-inspired otherworldly scenes created in Leleisi’uao’s works. We will begin by assessing our personal responses to the pieces, and explore the artist’s use of colour, form, subject matter, signs and symbols. We then will think like art detectives, and look closely at the paintings to reveal the ways in which Leleisi’uao portrays his cultural identity and lived experience in his artwork.
Students will then have the opportunity to respond to the artworks examined in the gallery through their own art making. In the workshop, we will create our very own wondrous utopia scenes in the form of a triptych made of card. These will be inspired by Leleisi’uao’s works, and include elements that represent each student’s own identity, story and background.

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