We offer education programmes to suit all students from Year 1 to 13. Learning activities will be adapted to meet the needs of each year level and the relevant curriculum/NCEA objectives. We also develop curriculum-linked resources for each major exhibition to assist you before, during and after your visit.

All our programmes are FREE. If you would like to make a booking for a class, or would like further information please email elhams@hdc.govt.nz or contact the Gallery on 06 871 5095.

Please see below for the current education programmes available.

My Whakapapa Story

Each school visit will be split in to two parts, in the first, students look at Ayesha Green's work and discuss issues raised by it and other artworks in the exhibition. Green's artwork references a gold medal won by her nana, Katie Portas, in the 1994 Commonwealth Games. Ayesha's practice attempts to rethink and redefine the power relationship within Maori representation. The second is a hands-on workshop in which students reflect on their own whakapapa and paint a story of their own family member - a memory of them, an achievement or a special event that makes them feel proud of their whakapapa.

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George Nuku: Bottled River

George Nuku is one of the exhibiting artists and has worked alongside students from local schools including Omahu, Irongate, Pukehamoama, and Kimi Ora Community School, to develop 'Bottled River', reusing plastic bottles to create the work. Each school visit will be split in to two parts, in the first, students look at Nuku's work and discuss the environmental issues raised by these and other artworks in the exhibition; the second is a hands-on workshop in which students will design and create signs that communicate their own messages about the environment.

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Student Public Art Tour

Bring your primary, intermediate or secondary school group for a unique, free walking tour to discover new ways to experience public art in Hastings CBD. Hear the stories behind our public art collection, discuss them in relation to the surrounding environment, and explore the importance of public art to the culture of a city.

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Gallery Explorer: Looking at Art

Learning to look and how people ‘read’ a work of art. Students explore exhibitions at the gallery to practice close-looking and observation techniques while strengthening their visual literacy and visual thinking skills. NCEA: 1.2-2.2-3.2- 1.1-2.1-3.1 Duration: One hour, however, we can change it to meet your timeframe. Suitable: For Year 1-13 Cost: Free Available: Throughout the year

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Hastings City Art Gallery | Social Stories

These social stories were designed for the gallery by Kelsey Hankins, to support families and schools bringing people with Autism Spectrum Condition and Sensory Processing Condition to the gallery. Please feel free to download the stories and adapt them to your own needs.

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