Tahunga: Rangituhia Hollis, Daniel Campbell-MacDonald and Shannon Coulomb

hero-image-rangituhia-hollis-coHolt Gallery: 26 November – 26 February
In this fascinating animated work we see both everyday and transcendent potential. Tahunga doesn’t simply tell a tale of Maui, but a more inter-related combination of mythic and figures from whakapapa, such as Rona and Marama. Animation by Rangituhia Hollis, sound design by Daniel Campbell MacDonald and Shannon Coulomb.



Oho Ake (Wake Up): Rangituhia Hollis (Sound Daniel Campbell-Macdonald, Music Shannon Coloumb)

Foyer Gallery: 10th December – 6th February- CLOSED

Commissioned by Te Tuhi in early 2016, Oho Ake features a psychological journey that takes place in a surreal animated world, punctuated by a transfixing soundtrack of insectile textures and transcendent electronic beats. Throughout the work, allusive references to Māori and Pacific Island culture are integrated into different architectural environments, suggesting a sense of unease with the Western European-dominated drive of modernity.