Everyday Lines

Everyday Lines | Holt, Main, Alcove and Foyer
26 August 2017 – 3 December 2017

Everyday Lines highlights art that is made from, influenced by, or replicates everyday objects and activities. The viewer is encouraged to look closely and to contemplate the deeper narrative of what happens when objects are stripped of their functional value and drawn into the world of art.

This exhibition makes visible the intimate connections artists in New Zealand have with daily life as a source of inspiration, and how each artist’s practice is integral in their treatment of the everyday.

Showcasing 16 New Zealand artists: Nick Austin, Steve Carr, Eleanor Cooper, Bill Culbert, John Ward Knox, Dane Mitchell, Madeleine Child, Gaby Montejo, Joanna Margaret Paul, Martin Selman, Emily Hartley-Skudder, Francis Upritchard.

Everyday Lines allows us to question whether we take the ‘ordinary’ for granted or whether we too see something in the everyday that others do not.