Andrea Selwood: Home Science

Andrea Selwood, Growth/Maturation, c.2012-2017

Andrea Selwood: Home Science | Foyer Gallery
23 May – 2 August 2020

Exploring states, altered and transforming, are thresholds of balance finally converging as a final recorded photographic image. At times these prismatic distortions of ‘nature studies’ resemble plant structures or inherent geometries of other small living organisms that might share a universal dynamic origin.

Home Science captures earthly phenomena like x-ray techniques of applied scientific photography. The darkroom process of creation first used water and illumination to control the projected light refractions as an idea of growth and life cycle took hold.

Across these abstract time-based works is shared a subliminal character expressive of an integrated concept of ‘life processes’, tracing developmental stages then transcending the material in an installation where the sum of its parts equals the whole.