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Hastings City Art Gallery | Social Stories

These social stories were designed for the gallery by Kelsey Hankins, to support families and schools bringing people with Autism Spectrum Condition and Sensory Processing Condition to the gallery. Please feel free to download the stories and adapt them to your own needs.

We would also love to know if you found these useful or have any suggestions for improvement: or ph 06 871 5095.

Visiting the Gallery [older children]                                               Visiting the Gallery [younger children]

Visiting the Gallery with my School or Group [older children]      Visiting the Gallery with my School or Group [younger children]

Arriving at the Gallery [older children]                                          Arriving at the Gallery [younger children]

Everyday Lines Education Programme

In this programme we will talk about how artists draw from the world around them and alter and change the meaning of objects that we use every day. As well as a guided tour of the galleries, and discussion about the artworks on display in Everyday Lines exhibition, there will be a hands-on workshop.

Curriculum strands: Visual Arts, English and Social Studies

  • Duration: 90 minutes for Primary and Intermediate Schools and up to 45 minutes for Secondary Schools
  • NCEA: 1.2-2.2-3.2- 1.1-2.1-3.1
  • The Popcorn workshop is suitable for years 1 to 8
  • Available: 15 September – 30 November 2017
  • Cost: Free

Discussion: Students will consider how and why artists use everyday objects as subject matter.

  • Students understand how non-traditional materials can be vehicles of artistic expression
  • Students will discuss the question “Can anything be considered art?”
  • Students will reflect on how placing an object in a gallery changes the object and how calling something art can change perception of an object.
  • Students will consider the choices artists make when creating works of art, exploring subject matter and sources of inspiration, medium and style.
  • Students will make connections between consumer cultures, ready-mades and art.

Hands-on activity: The workshop activity is inspired by the Popcorn work by artist Madeleine Child. Students will make a colourful popcorn lei by using popcorn and natural dyes extracted from everyday vegetables such as turmeric, cabbage and beetroot. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their work in reference to the earlier discussion. They will be given the options to choose between eating their popcorn lei at the end or keeping it as a work of art.
Post visit project ideas:

  • Challenge students to re-create an everyday object (using a material such as modelling clay or, if possible, polyurethane foam) in a way that could trick the naked eye. Ask students what they have learned from the sculpting process. What were the challenges and how did they address them?
  • Tell students to look out for types of assemblages similar to Gaby Montejo’s work or Still Life by Martin Selman. When they find something similar, ask them to record it with a photograph or sketch. Analyse the groupings and talk about connections between the objects, layout, space etc. Are these casual and random or carefully contrived? Based on this discussion invite the students to create a new installation and photograph or draw it. Talk about the process of placing objects so that they appear to be random.
  • What other materials and processes do people use to represent real things? Ask students to be aware of the simulated objects they come across over the course of a week. These could be props on television and movies, decorative objects in homes, or even materials such as fake wood. Ask them to record these items by making notes or drawing. At the end of the week, invite students to share what they have found with the class. What techniques do people use to create these things? Do they always strive to make them seem real? Why or why not? What functions do these replicas or representations serve?
  • Ask student to bring in an object that they don’t mind turning into art- an old phone, a basket, a hairbrush, a lamp… and then work with them to create a sculptures or still life assemblages.

If you would like to make a booking for a class, or would like further information please email or contact the Gallery on 06 871 5095.

Arts for All – Hawke’s Bay

Touch tour and audio description for blind children provided by Tim Bray Productions Auckland.

Thursday 9 November, 10.30am- 12.30pm

Arts for All: Providing access and inclusion to arts and culture for everyone.

Join us for a presentation and discussion about how to make your arts project, place or programme more accessible for and inclusive of disabled people. Our speaker is Richard Benge, Executive Director of Arts Access Aotearoa.

Arts Access Aotearoa supports arts organisations and venues to increase their accessibility, builds the capability and leadership skills of grass-roots community organisations providing arts opportunities to people with a disability, raises public awareness about access to the arts and provides a national information service. It is also the lead organisation advocating for the arts to be used as a rehabilitation tool for prisoners.

Arts Access Aotearoa reaches out to representatives from live performance venues, museums, art galleries, producers and festivals – anyone who has art or cultural experiences to promote. At regional seminars participants learn the steps that accessibility champions around Aotearoa are taking, so their arts events or experiences are inclusive and accessisble for disabled people.

Arts Access Aotearoa has free useful resources for particiants to guide them on their journey – providing accessible arts and cultural inclusion for their community.

Attend this presentation to:

Ø Learn about how your organisation or place can be more accessible and inclusive of anyone who faces a barrier to inclusion.
Ø Discover a network of people and organisations working to make the arts accessible and inclusive for everyone
Ø Get access to free resources to assit your organisation, programme or event to be more accessible

For more information see:

Artist Talk: Ben Pearce

Saturday 9 December, 11.00am

Join artist Ben Pearce as he shares insights into his arts practice and his latest exhibition, ‘Life Will Go On After Money’, 2017.

Free, no booking required.

The Take Out: A Gaby Montejo Performance

Gaby Montejo, Stuffed Weight for Takeout, 2017

Gaby Montejo, Stuffed Weight for Takeout, 2017

Sunday 26 November, 11.00am

Call it a swap-meet, garage sale, eviction or liquidation – knowing artist Gaby Montejo’s performance work, this could be all or none of the above. Don’t miss this one-off performance which will be part of the de-installation of Montejo’s artwork, Stuffed Weight for Takeout, 2017 which is currently on display in the exhibition Everyday Lines.

Free, no booking required.

Gaby’s arts practice includes photography, performance, actions, music, interviews, and temporary installation. He exhibits internationally, but has been deeply involved with social initiatives and collaborative interventions in Christchurch, and is a founding member of arts collective, ‘The Social’.

Artist Workshop: An approach to landscape with John Eaden

Hawke’s Bay artist John Eaden

Sunday 21 January 10.00am-1.00pm

Workshop participants will use a landscape photograph as the starting point for a landscape painting. They will be guided through a process to analyse the content of their photograph, developing a composition and rendering it with empathetic colour and tone. Through a process of analysis and technique, students will transform their original image beyond the observed and recorded to a fully realised work.

$20 per person which includes all materials and morning tea. Suitable for 12 year olds and over. Booking required.


Artist Workshop: Drawing on Stuffed Weight with Gaby Montejo

Gaby Montejo, ‘Stuffed Weight for Takeout’, 2017

Saturday 25 November, 1.00pm-3.00pm

Join Christchurch-based artist Gaby Montejo for a conversation about his work, followed by a still life drawing exercise.

Montejo’s installation work, Stuffed Weight for Takeout, 2017  is currently on display in the exhibition, ‘Everyday Lines’.

Gaby’s arts practice includes photography, performance, actions, music, interviews, and temporary installation. He exhibits internationally, but has been deeply involved with social initiatives and collaborative interventions in Christchurch, and is a founding member of arts collective, ‘The Social’.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join Gaby at the gallery. Suitable for adults, beginners welcome!

$20 per person, booking required.
Materials and afternoon tea provided.


Hastings Public Art Walking Tours

Friday 19 January 2018, 11.00am

Join our Hastings City Art Gallery guides Ella Ayto and artist John Eaden for a fascinating tour of the much loved public art of Hastings. Meet at the gallery entrance in Civic Square.

Thirteen pieces have been chosen as the focus of the tours – to be held seasonally each year. The works traverse a range of styles, from mural painting and carving, to stencil art, metalwork and stained glass.

This the second of the free art tours. Tourers should meet at the entrance to the Hastings City Art Gallery for an 11.00am start. The autumn tour will be in April and the winter tour in June 2018.


Hastings Public Art Walking Tours

There might be 50 years between but they have a common passion – art.

Hastings Girls High School student Ella Ayto and artist John Eaden are the hosts of the first of four walking tours around public art in Hastings central city, organised by Hastings City Art Gallery.

Thirteen pieces have been chosen as the focus of the tours – to be held four time over the year. They traverse a range of styles, from mural painting and carving, to stencil art, metalwork and stained glass.

Ayto has been volunteering at the gallery since January. She intends studying art history at Victoria University once she finishes school. Her favourite piece on the art tour is Jacob Scott’s Kaitiaki Manu, outside the Hastings Courthouse.  “I really like the symbolism – the bird as the caretaker; the use of black and white for darkness and light; good and evil. It is very clever.”

Eaden’s favourite is the 1956 Peter McIntyre World War II painting. “For me it is the scale of the work and the restrained colour of it – it is an impressive work by a significant New Zealand artist.”

The pair were at St Matthew’s Anglican Church last week, which is also on the tour for its historic stained glass windows. The 10 windows span the ages, put in over the decades from the early 1900s. The window above the altar in the church’s Lady Chapel is likely to be a focus of the tour guides – one of the oldest windows in the church. The Karl Parsons work was one of his first commissions for a church in New Zealand. It was donated by Lady Harriette Julia Russell in memory of her husband Sir Willian Russell and six of the couple’s sons.

Hastings City Art Gallery director Toni MacKinnon said Hastings is home to some real art treasures. “The stories behind the pieces and their artists are fascinating and we wanted to put together an interesting and interactive way for people to learn about them.

“Having two tour guides who are so excited by the project is an absolute bonus – they will bring the stories of the art to life.”

The first of the free art tours will be held this Saturday, October 14. Tourers should meet at the entrance to the Hastings City Art Gallery for an 11.00am start. The summer tour will be held in January, the autumn one in April and the winter tour in June.


Footnote New Zealand Dance presents ‘Watch This Space’

Footnote Dancer

Footnote Dancer

26 October, 12 noon
Footnote New Zealand Dance presents a physical response to visual art in ‘Watch This Space’. This unique dance experience provides a different perspective on the way that art-forms connect with and respond to our lives. Combining improvisation and a short performance, ‘Watch This Space’ at Hastings Art Gallery will include an excerpt of CONTRAST, a double-bill of new dance work that will be performed in Havelock North at the Blyth Performing Arts Centre on the 25th October. Your chance to see some of New Zealand’s best dancers in action!

Free, no booking required.