Everyday Lines: Opening Event

Join us to celebrate the opening of new exhibition, ‘Everyday Lines’, Friday 15 September 2017. Showing in all galleries until 26 November 2017 |

Everyday Lines showcases art that interrogates and highlights the everyday, pushing objects that are usually considered for their utilitarian function into an art form. Each artist’s practice is integral in their treatment of the everyday object, and produce different ways in which the object can be understood. Some artists make artwork from everyday items, such as Gaby Montejo, Bill Culbert and Steve Carr. Others, like Joanna Margaret Paul and Erica van Zon, explore the routineness of everyday chores, such as washing or cleaning, as the inspiration behind their art. Artists Madeleine Child, Dane Mitchell and Marita Hewitt create artwork that so closely replicates ordinary objects that looking becomes the focus. This exhibition hopes to enlighten its audience to the nuances of the everyday that often go unnoticed by us, and seeks to make us think twice about these everyday objects.