Sarah Hudson: Ariā

Foyer: 6 May - 11 June Ariā can be defined as the physical representation of an atua (ancestor with continuing influence). These influential characters could manifest as all types of supernatural beings, deities or guardians. This work represents the intrinsic connections between whenua (land/site) and atua.

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Makareta Tātare: Uru-te-ngangana

Alcove: 6 May - 18 June | Artist Makareta Tātare creates works based on kōwhaiwhai, using repetition of Māori patterns and symbols. Tātare portrays the origins of kōwhaiwhai by describing its arrival from Hawaiiki, the land Māori are said to have migrated from hundreds of years ago. Tātare says that “By going back to traditional art forms and bringing them into the contemporary world, we can truly see the evolution of identity”.

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