Ben Pearce: Life Will Go on Long After Money

Until 25 March 2018 | Sculptor Ben Pearce installs a large-scale work in the gallery. Based on the true story of a man who built himself a get-away on the boulder bank of Nelson’s inlet, Pearce’s sculpture is a fascinating revisit of the event in which Ben himself played a surprising role.

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John Eaden: Towards the Grand Tour

Until 21 January 2018 | Hawke's Bay based landscape artist John Eaden paints 'Towards the Grand Tour', new work from 2016/17. Earlier this year, Eaden toured Italy and was able to research locations in the Vatican Gardens and in Padova in the north. Echoes of these works are also applied by Eaden to his landscapes of Hawke's Bay.

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Paratene Matchitt: Hui

Until 18 March 2018 | Paratene Matchitt is one of New Zealand’s most prominent senior artists. Matchitt’s 60-year career has seen his work in most public art gallery collections in this country. The gallery is thrilled to present new work in ‘Hui’ Matchitt’s first major exhibition in three years.

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